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High Quality Multimedia Services

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - we've all heard the saying. Electronic image capture and distribution is quickly becoming a way of communication in this 21st century. Motion pictures are part of our life and we use them more and more often to communicate our messages and to share our memories.

Farkas Video is here to help you communicate. We specialize in legal videography, corporate, and event videography: presentation (demo) and training videos, DVD and BluRay authoring, audio/video editing, and audio/video conversion services. We would love to film your conference, special event, concert, birthday party or whatever you would like to save in electronic format for the future.

We feel confident working for churches. Conferences, baptisms, dedications, concerts are just a few of the special occasions we take pride in filming. Our videographers will capture these events in a non-obtrusive way.

We can also take your own tapes and make them worth watching. Chances are the tapes you filmed with your consumer camera are not the best when watched on your television. The good news is: we can take those tapes and process them with 21st century technology to make them better.

Do you have a tape filmed in the NTSC standard and would like to send a copy to your friends or family in Europe? We can transcode your video into the PAL system and make a BluRay disc or DVD playable anywhere in the world.

Do you need a video processed for your website? Let us handle that too!

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