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About Media Seven Television Ministries

Media Seven is a Christian ministry created with the sole purpose of spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ using all of the modern technologies we have in this 21st century, including television broadcasts, CD/DVD media, and the Internet. We use the power of media to teach God’s Word because these are some of the most powerful ways available today to reach the World. Although other tools may have an important place in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, we have chosen to focus on the use of electronic media.

Media Seven was organized as a non-profit association in 2007. We first produced television shows in the Romanian language, shows broadcast via sattelite over the USA and Canada, and also taken over by Hope TV Romania and broadcast via sattelite over Europe and parts of Asia.

Our belief, mission, and vision

1. We believe that God loves humanity and desires to have a covenant relationship with His creation; therefore, we are committed to reaching people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

2. Our mission is to present the Truth and only the Truth as found in the Holy Bible. We are striving to teach the Scriptures accurately so that the meaning that is conveyed is exactly what God intended.

3. To challenge the minds of our viewers so they seek the understanding of God's love and sacrifice for the fallen humanity.

4. Our core values are: love for all, passion to present Jesus, and strive for excellence in everything.

5. We strive for excellence in life, work, and ministry. Excellence honors God and inspires greatness. We pay close attention to detail at all levels to offer Christ our best work.We believe in empowering people to grow personally – that God has called each believer to a life of spiritual maturity; therefore, we are committed to providing opportunities for equipping and training members to become mature disciples of Christ.


We believe in the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, we receive no official support from the denomination. Seventh-day Adventist Christians' primary aim in life is to be like Jesus, to spread His love to all the world, to proclaim the Gospel and three angels' message to the whole World, and the readiness for the soon return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.